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New Beginnings

Its already the start of a new decade and we’re aiming to make it a great one. From bespoke elements to innovative metal solutions DTFabs has it all.

Our recently opened unit will give us enough breathing room to get all sorts of things started, whether your new to the industry (like us!) or one of the established giants, we aim to help all. Located in Wolverhampton DTFabs is a metal fabrication company, we may have only just begun as a company, but our Co-Founder David Calvin has been in the industry for years. With his engineering and design knowledge he has taken it upon himself to form a company specialising in metal fabrication, with the help of his son and Co-Founder Tommy Calvin they bring you DTFabs. We aim here to fill gaps in the market with unique hand made mesh, fencing, gates and much more! Willing to tackle any problem that comes our way we will ensure you get a quality product you deserve!

We couldn’t be happier how it has gone so far and we can only wish ourselves a long and prosperous future. We hope to rapidly gain ground with brilliant and quality products, we are constantly in development and renewal and we hope to bring game changing ideas to the market.

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